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Painted Figures & Custom Terrain

From the farthest star systems to the borders of fantastic realms:

Science Fiction
Pulp Action
• Super Hero
• And more!
Medieval-knight-in-armor-25mm-painted-miniature-soldier-for Dungeons-and-Dragons-and-Warhammer-Fantasy. Dungeons & Dragons
Warhammer Fantasy
Warhammer 40,000
Call of Cthulhu
• And many more!

Egyptian-adventurer-investigator-for-25mm-pulp-and-horror-role-playing-games-like-Call-of-Cthulhu.These detailed figures can really add some life to your miniature war gaming and role-playing game sessions. Our painted minis feature:

• Ready to play or display
• Fully based
• Sealed with multiple clear coats for protection
• Carefully wrapped for safe shipping

No battleground is complete without visually interesting scenery and terrain. Our custom pieces help focus your imagination to draw you into your gaming world and really bring your battles to life.

Each piece features:
• Custom made from quality components
• Built to last for many hours of gaming fun
• Completely painted and ready to put on your gaming table
• Carefully packed for safe shipping

You can see more samples of our painted figures and custom terrain in our Figures & Terrain Gallery.

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Custom Work Available

We also do custom work. Simply send us an e-mail (Contact Us) to inquire about this service. Please try to provide as much information on what you are looking for as it will help us determine how to best serve you. We will respond as quickly as we can.

Electrocannon-in-mad-scientist-laboratoty-custom-terrain-for-pulp-or-super-hero-or-Victorian-Science-Fiction-role-playing-games.Customer Comments on our figures and terrain:

• "Great source for Sci Fi terrain!" - AM in San Antonio, TX
• "Very creative piece of terrain.  One of my favorites." - PG in Arlington, VA
• "A beautifully painted miniature.  Worth every penny invested." - JF in Hessen, Germany
• "Great Piece of terrain!" - CR in Butler, PA

• "Beautufully painted mini." - JL in Albuquerque, NM
• "Great item -- the photos do not do it justice at all" - TS in Kent, United Kingdom

Orc-warrior-painted-miniature-figure-25mm-Reaper-for-rpg-fantasy-role-playing-games-like-Dungeons-and-Dragons.Industrial-storage-tanks-scenery-scratch-built-custom-terrain-25mm-Warhammer-40K-science-fiction-table-top-battles.  Pulp-adventurer-painted-figure-28mm-for-pulp-and-horror-rpg-games-like-Call-of-Cthulhu. Industrial-plant-terrain-for-28mm-science-fiction-war-games-like-Warhammer-40K-and-Warmachine. Female-elf-archer-25mm-miniature-custom-painted-for-fantasy-role-playing-games-like-Dungeons-and-Dragons. 

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