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We carry a wide selection of hobby products:


Games offer you great entertainment value with unlimited hours of enjoyment shared with family and friends!

  • Family Board Games
  • Role-Playing Games - Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Superhero, and more (including Dungeons & Dragons™, Call of Cthulhu™, TravellerĀ™, Rifts™, GURPS™ and others)
  • Collectible Trading Card Games including Magic: The Gathering™, Star Trek™ and Star Wars

Painted Miniature Game Figures & Terrain

Custom-painted-miniature-soldier-for-fantasy-role-playing-games-like-Dungeons-and-Dragons-and-Warhammer-historical-wargames.These detailed miniature figures and terrain pieces are used in many role-playing and table top miniature war games. Some nicely painted miniatures can really add to the enjoyment of your gaming sessions. Our handmade custom terrain and scenery makes your game unique and helps bring your gaming table to life. Custom work is available, for more information go here.

These are perfect for playing with a wide selection of games including:
Dungeons & Dragons
Warhammer Fantasy
Warhammer 40K
Call of Cthulhu
Lord of the Rings

You can see more samples of our painted miniature figures and our game terrain and scenery by checking out the Painted Figures &  Terrain page.

Also, you can see our current painted figures and terrain and scenery that are for sale here:

Painted Figures For Sale

Terrain & Scenery For Sale

Plastic Models

Model kits offer hours of enjoyment during the assembly stage and the finished models can be displayed for many years afterwards.

  • Military - Armor, Aircraft, Soldiers, and More
  • Cars & Trucks
  • Science Fiction
  • Monsters

Manufacturers include:

  • Revell Monogram
  • AMT Ertl
  • Tamiya
  • DML Dragon
  • and more!

Science Fiction & Fantasy Memorabilia

Fantastic memorabilia from popular science fiction and fantasy works including Star Wars™ and Star Trek­™.

  • Books
  • Models
  • And more!

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We also invite you to follow along with some of our latest efforts by visiting our associated blogs. Universal Terrain Blog covers our game terrain and scenery. Heroes On The Table is our blog for painted miniature figures that can be used in role-playing games and table top war gaming. You can also access the blogs by clicking on the picture links shown below.

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